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The Bowen Therapy

The Bowen Therapy is a manual therapy method which applies the „less is more” rule. The Bowen technique consists of subtle movements of „rolling” the muscular and fascial structures which relax the tissues and stimulate body regeneration. Each session of movements needs a few-minute break to transfer the stimuli through the neural and fascial system; the break also serves for the patient to rest and relax.

The first notable effect of the therapy is reaching the state of deep relaxation. Often only after the first session the patient feels his physical and psychical condition have improved. Sessions take around 40 minutes and it is recommendable to repeat them every 7 days.

Examples of ailments

The Bowen Technique gives good effects in case of the following ailments, among others:

  • Muscular and articular diseases
  • Chronic exhaustio
  • Anxiety
  • Baby colics
  • Insomnia
  • Stress
  • Pregnancy ailments
  • Stagnation in the chest
  • Back pains
  • Neurosis
  • Asthma
  • Sport injuries
  • Problems with articulations – such as shoulders, knees, hips, elbows, wrists, ankle joints
  • Headaches
  • Infertility
  • Digestion problems, winds
  • Tissue tensions
  • Constipation
  • Neuralgia
  • Allergies
  • Temporomandibular joint disorders

The Bowen Technique shouldn’t be joint with other therapies –before and after each Bowen treatment there should be a 5-day break from other manual therapies, acupuncture and physical therapy.

During the treatment thin and soft clothes can be worn (i.e. a cotton t-shirt and sweat pants).


Baby Bowen is a gentle and safe manual therapy tailored for newborns and infants.

  • The therapist focuses on specific parts of baby’s body making a series of very gentle moves which ease tensions and act as a stimulus for the brain to start homeostatic mechanisms (self-repair).
  • he Bowen Therapy effectively relaxes the diaphragm and, as a result, helps to overcome colics. Relaxing the diaphragm supports breathing and stimulates digestion processes.
  • Bowen sessions result in releasing fascia and muscles which calms babies down and helps them fall asleep.

  • The Bowen Therapy is suitable for infants with both low and increased muscle tone, asymmetry and hip dysplasia.

  • BoweBowen is suitable also for older children; kids of all ages are welcome to our treatments!

We provide free Baby Bowen treatments at yoga classes for mothers and children - on Tuesdays at 11.00 in Katowice - details >>>

  • Information and registration

    Izabela Kamińska
    tel. 602 301 411
  • Price of the procedure

    Price of the procedure 50 pln
    Duration: 15 minut
    Booking the procedure
  • Bowen in sport

    The Bowen Therapy is becoming more and more popular in sports. Leading sportsmen get Bowen treatments not only to cure their injuries but also to prevent them as well as to improve the regeneration of the body after important and exhausting competitions.

    The Sport Bowen Therapy is used in curing many sport injuries, such as:

    • tennis elbow
    • golfer’s elbow
    • frozen shoulder
    • sprained ankle
    • overloading and pain
    • other injuries

    The sooner the Bowen treatment is started after the injury, the shorter the whole therapy will be – in case of severe injuries usually three sessions are sufficient; however, chronic health issues need longer treatment.

    Sportsmen who use the Bowen Technique on a regular basis notice their physical endurance improve, they suffer from injuries less frequently, they have better concentration and stress control which altogether helps them achieve better sport results.

  • Information and registration

    Izabela Kamińska
    tel. 602 301 411
  • Price of the procedure

    Price of the procedure 120 pln
    Duration: 50 - 60 minut
    Booking the procedure
  • Bowen during pregnancy

    The Bowen Technique is one of few therapies that can be done also during pregnancy. Prepare your body for easier labor with Bowen!

    The advantages of Bowen in pregnancy are as follows:

    • It eliminates back pains
    • It helps overcome sleeplessness
    • It calms down and relaxes
    • It releases tensions in pelvis area
    • It soothes typical pregnancy ailments (constipation, hemorrhoids, reflux, etc.)
    • It may help the baby take correct position in the womb

    The treatment is performed on the patient wearing thin clothes, sitting or lying on the side or in prone position.

    We encourage all women to take care of their health condition and relaxation during pregnancy as mother’s comfort and well-being can be felt by the baby.

    We recommend yoga classes for pregnant women - details >>>

  • Information and registration

    Izabela Kamińska
    tel. 602 301 411
  • Price of the procedure

    Price of the procedure 100 pln
    Duration: 40-60 minut
    Booking the procedure
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